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Living in the Moment

Mar 3, 2021 2:33 AM

Living in The Moment


Many people who learn that I practice mindfulness ask me these questions:

Why should I try to “live in the moment? ”What’s wrong with mind wandering, planning the future or reminiscing the past How exactly “being present” is supposed to help me — especially if what’s happening in the present is dull/painful/unimportant?

That last question especially gives me a strong hint on how to answer. If you consider some parts of your life “unimportant,” then this is probably something to start with.

Between the mindset that considers certain moments “important” and others not, there is only a thin line separating it from an attitude which simply treats life as a means to an end — death


Do you want to pass your life unconsciously while waiting for death — or do you opt for making the most out of every moment that you are given?

If it is the latter — which I sincerely hope it is — there is really no other way than doing your best to be more present in whatever is happening now. The past and future are only imaginary places in our minds — which don’t have as much to do with what is happening in the present as we tend to think.

The human mind is an extraordinary phenomenon of Nature — and we have every reason to appreciate its magnificence. We should recognize that human ability to plan the future and learn from the past has allowed us to evolve into the beings we are now. This ability to “live in time” made it possible to build the civilization, come up with the idea of human rights or to create science

Article by Marta Brzosko